To say the least, there are a lot of places you can sightsee and experience the wonders of nature. Narrowing down the right place might seem like a challenge. With saffaguides, it won't be with our lifetime of local knowledge. We really get the very best out of what the coastline has to offer, from secret spots to getting access into the heart of the local surf community! The safest way to travel in the wild side of the off beaten tracks rarely explored by most. We live the South African outdoor life, other activities include sandboarding, fishing, camping, diving, paragliding, biking etc. The ultimate iconic endless surf Afreakan summer experience! 

  • Cape east & west coast - Summer storm month missions

remembering our roots & routes

We started out over a decade ago as small local surf school at our homebreak Bluff, Durban South Africa using the therapy side of surfing to connect youths to local beaches as a medium for the holistic manner in which this lifestyle positively influences people physically, psychologically, emotionally & spiritually. Surfing semi professionally in the first five years myself & brother Scotty Venter proved our abilities always posting podium finishes at our district surfing competitions. However I realised from a very young age that this competitive surfing was feeding into an industry that only suited the egotiscal side & we the salt of the earth surfers were loosing our soul & passion of what it really meant to be just to have this fun loving & free expression of not always comparing your unique abilities to everyone elses as this didn't make sense seeing that every surfer has their own unique style, as the saying goes the best surfer has the most fun and stoke! Since then & until now, we have found great pleasure passing on our advanced skills to those who brave the elements & face there fears with faith to live out our comfort zones to purely enjoy spiritual freedom we live!

  • Wild East coast - annual missions
  • Zululand/Mozambique North coast - Winter month missions

bookings & infomation

please contact Jona 

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  • The Champion -  Surf Contest Cave Rock Invitational 2017