So this is where we really pour our humanitarian & environmental hearts out, the idea is to create careers for surfers along our coastline. Most of Africa lack basic education & guidance, thus having a ridiculous unemployement problem ultimately leading generations upon generations of unfathomable hardships & criminal activities. Many tourists are viewed as money pots & as soft targets in cities which stops the abundance of tourism that could benefit so many families. If we can teach youths to eventually become guides for a service of safe passage & travel while immersing travelers in the local culture I believe we can leave a legacy for the next generations to come.

Food security like teaching planting skills in small food gardens, beach clean ups & creative workshops can teach skills as most of these youths come from broken homes due to poverty, they need our support the best way possible! The beach is what we preech and teach discipline, healthy order of importance maintenance & management skills, good structure with respect & discipline along the line of using surfing as the reward which the kids absolutely love! Your support whether coming out as a volunteer, tourist, sponsor or any form of donation would be greatly appreciated, little goes a long way in these parts of the world.

Lastly we engage with the right places and people who are as passionate as we are by partnering with projects that bring about positive change and uphold solid reputation as well as uplifting the communities accordingly. Teach the man to fish as the old saying goes, leaders are shown the way by given good guidance, Aloha!

Lwandli surf & community education project Mozambique